Mark Goldberg

It's the OS, stupid

Is leadership in mobile devices going to come down to the operating system?

Last week, when writing about Hewlett-Packard’s acquisition of Palm, Richard Martin observed that

More valuable [than Palm’s brand] are Palm’s robust intellectual-property portfolio, which comprises more than 1600 patents; its engineering team, which despite the recent business missteps is still highly respected in Silicon Valley; and its mobile operating system, WebOS.

He added,

HP has a chance to create an end-to-end, fully integrated network of devices that not only work together seamlessly but are based on open standards and open platforms in a way that the iPhone, today’s dominant smartphone, does not.

Competing with that version of the future comes yesterday’s announcement from Nokia and Microsoft about their joint release of Communicator Mobile, that targets RIM’s dominance of the business mobile communications market.

The future of mobile intelligence will figure prominently in panel discussions and keynote addresses at The 2010 Canadian Telecom Summit taking place next month on June 7-9.

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