Be it resolved

In early January, I wrote a piece calling for a million computers for low income Canadian households.

It didn’t happen. Yet.

But I have been feeling momentum building, aided in part by a program launched in early November by US cable companies. Greg O’Brien at has joined in the effort and Open Media recently carried a commentary in support.

This needs to be a priority for us in Canada. Nearly one in 5 Canadian households has no computer, skewed heavily by income. I want to see every household with a school aged child have a home computer. If we want to build a competitive knowledge-based economy, this is table stakes.

As we approach the new year, I’d like to make this an objective for 2012. Next year, I’d like to be able to reflect on success for this new year’s resolution.

It has a better chance than my resolution to drop 20 pounds.

Happy New Year to all – best wishes for a year of health and peace.

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