Knock-down versus knock-out

In boxing, there is a big difference between a knock-down and a knock-out. A knock-out is an automatic victory.

The Canadian Association of Internet Providers has a self-governing policy that knocks down websites that contain potentially illegal content, or content that contravenes the ISP’s acceptable use policy. The Canadian ISP believes it has done good, because it no longer collects $20 per month in hosting fees and it claims that it is contributing to a better world. But in fact, the internet is no safer from these exercises.

Like boxing, knocking down is only a temporary inconvenience. The website re-appears soon, hosted on another ISP, often outside of Canada.

Look at the case of Dossier Noir, a white-supremacist Quebec website that was knocked down, only to reappear in the US, darker and more dangerous. The CBC writes about the site, noting

A racist website that shut down Sunday night after a complaint to the Canadian Human Rights Commission returned to the internet less than a day later in a more vitriolic form.

What I think is needed is to block access to the site. If the content is offensive enough that an ISP will knock it off their servers, then knock it out completely. Finish the job.

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