Top 5 of 2022

Which of my blog posts attracted the most attention in 2022?

Looking at the analytics, these 5 articles had the most individual page views:

  1. Feeding at the funding trough” [August 25, 2022]
  2. Funding hate” [July 26, 2021]
  3. Government funded hate speech” [August 15, 2022]
  4. Purveying hate on the public dime” [April 20, 2022]
  5. Canada ranks 9th for quality, availability & cost of internet” [May 30, 2022]

Honourable mentions go to:

Clearly, there has been much interest from a new group of readers driving four of the top five articles.

Which of my posts resonated most with you?

Thank you for following me here on this blog and on Twitter, and thank you for engaging online and by phone over the past year.

Unfortunately, Twitter has decided to discontinue its support of Revue, the engine that has powered my weekly newsletter, with its digest of the previous week’s blog posts. I will let you know if I decide to migrate to another platform.

I hope the coming holiday period provides an opportunity to connect with your family and friends. Let me reiterate my very best wishes for health, happiness and peace in the year ahead.

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