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Top 5 from 2016

Which articles resonated the most with my readers this year?

Looking at the analytics, these 5 blog posts had the most individual page views:

  1. Putting customers first” [March 7]
  2. Unrepresentative survey” [March 31]
  3. Taking aim at an old canard” [February 16]
  4. Should broadband be part of “basic service”” [January 21]
  5. Driving costs higher” [August 12]

Honourable mention goes to a post from way back in 2006, “Knock-down versus knock-out,” which talked about challenges chasing illegal content off the internet. And there was a lot of interest in “Taking the first step” from May 25, speaking about government officials finally acknowledging the need to increase broadband adoption among low income households, although 2016 marked another year that government stood on the sidelines watching the private sector develop solutions to try to tackle the challenges of getting computers and connectivity to bridge the “#HomeworkGap”.

It is also worth recognizing the popularity of “Gaming the system” and “The tragedy of the commons,” written late in the year.

Thank you for following and engaging over the past year and as I wrote last week, let me extend to you the very best wishes for health, happiness and peace in the year ahead.

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