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The Canadian Telecom Summit

The Canadian Telecom Summit

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More on the Harvard study

BerkmanI have to believe that some of the more vocal critics of the Canadian broadband scene know that the data is biased, but have avoided acknowledging the problems.

Suzanne Blackwell has detailed some econometric concerns with the recent Harvard study [ pdf, 2.92MB]. In a number of cases, the study recognized problems with the OECD data and tried to modify the results.

While the steps taken to improve the pricing data were helpful, it is curious why the Berkman Center decided to create its overall ranking on price based on both the OECD price observations and a combination of the OECD and its own updated and expanded data. The latter would, for the most part, encompass the former observations so there is no reason to use both.

Suzanne notes that the Harvard study ignored high speed service data that it had available for Canada (recall, it showed that information in one of its figures), Canada was again artificially pushed lower in the rankings.

The Harvard study is marked “Draft”. Will the authors acknowledge these and other obvious errors and issue a revision?

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