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Changing the wireless rules, again

I am going to use this post to provide references and links to stories in respect of the announced changes that are coming for Canada’s wireless sector.

It is interesting that the government waited until after the bids were submitted for Mobilicity’s assets. Would the number of bidders have changed had there been knowledge of the new framework? Indeed, are there bidders for those assets who had advance notice of such changes?

What do these changes do to the incentives for investment?

We have frequently written about the continual flux in the fundamental regulatory framework for the sector – a Calvinball approach to the market. What is the impact on the investment climate for digital infrastructure? Will the proposed legislative changes, with the government opening the Telecom Act and RadioCommunications Act, be the final word?


At what point do we look holistically at the communications sector – including both broadcast and telecom – and bring all of the legislation into the 21st century. That would mean looking at appropriate changes to the Broadcast Act, or rolling all of them together into an integrated Communications Act. As I suggested in August, perhaps it is time for a fresh look at a Telecom Policy Review.

That sounds like a discussion for The 2014 Canadian Telecom Summit, taking place June 16-18 in Toronto. I would be remiss if I didn’t invite you to register early!

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    Less than a year ago (feb 2013) Minister Paradis was at GSM in Barcelona selling Canada as an important place to invest, including possesing “a world-leading legal framework to support a growing and changing economy”

    It keeps getting more and more surreal