Canadian Wireless Myths and Facts

In response to popular demand, the folks at Scotia Capital have authorized me to post their recent Canadian Wireless Myths and Facts report on this blog.

If you would like to challenge a Bay Street analyst on the numbers, please go ahead. As my friend at Scotia Capital says, he is challenged on his numbers every day.

Keep in mind the comment policy of this blog.

Canadian Wireless Myths and Facts 06Mar2013 by Scotia Capital

2 thoughts on “Canadian Wireless Myths and Facts”

  1. Jim Johannsson

    Over the past few years I have studied a number of international wireless pricing studies such as the OECD Telecommunications Outlook, Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Wireless Matrix, CRTC Telecommunications Monitoring Report, and Nordicity International Wireless Market Comparison so I know that Jeff Fan definitely got it right.

    The truth that Canadian wireless pricing is actually pretty good relative to the rest of the world is going to be very “inconvenient” for those who suggest otherwise in their self-interested quest for headlines.

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