Wireless in Canada

This morning, the government released what it called “New measures to increase competition in the wireless sector“. There were a number of elements to the release, including a clear statement of the objective driving the measures: “To be clear, our government wants to see at least four players in each market.”

To that end, there were four key elements to the announcement:

  • expanding—and extending—the requirement for wireless companies to provide roaming on their networks to competitors;
  • tightening the rules to increase cellphone tower sharing, thereby helping to limit the construction of new cell towers;
  • use the upcoming wireless spectrum auctions to promote four competitors in each region of the country;
  • review the policy on spectrum licence transfers with the objective of promoting competition in the wireless sector.

The government news release contains a number of links to various background pieces, including a Commercial Mobile Spectrum Outlook that identifies more than 300 MHz of additional spectrum (beyond the 700 MHz and 2500 MHz bands) that could be made available by 2017.

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