Is DNCL worth it?

Four years ago, the CRTC launched the National Do Not Call List (“DNCL”), as it acknowledged in a tweet earlier today:

The DNCL was implemented “to help reduce the number of telemarketing calls.” Is it working?

Check out the latest status report from the CRTC. There have been more than 600,000 complaints filed. But there have only been 191 citations issued to date, leading to 56 notices of violations, which in turn drove 43 fines and 4 alternate settlements. Despite complaints growing at more than 15,000 per month, there were only 4 new investigations opened in the past quarter and there are less than 140 open investigations.

Sure, we have had some high profile fines and settlements. But I am still getting calls daily from “Air Duct Cleaning” and credit counselling services.

While some are pushing hard for the Government to proclaim the new anti-spam law, should we be assessing the impact of the DNCL first to see if the outcome justifies the financial and economic costs of the legislation and its enforcement?

1 thought on “Is DNCL worth it?”

  1. CRTC is more intersted in getting publicity (large cases, big fines) .

    Stopping tha bad telemarketers would be too much work … so go ahead consumer, keep filing complaints , CRTC will just play ignorance, unless it relates to a large corp, oupps, did I say that?

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