Looking forward

Amid the releases of year-end prognostication, the release of the Rogers Innovation Report caught my eye. The Report is said to be the first of what will be a regular survey exploring Canadians’ habits and views on technological innovations.

Highlights of the predictions for 2012 are said to be:

  • Smaller and lighter laptops
  • Faster network speeds
  • Bulging back pocket begone
  • Turn on the lights with your smartphone
  • Smartphone love
  • Living in the cloud
  • Books are here to stay

There is data in the release to back up each of these statements. I’m not sure I agree with the interpretation of “79 per cent of those surveyed expect that more people will use their smartphones to make purchases over the next few years” that has been translated into a reduction in the number of credit cards in our wallets. There are competing views of how “Mobile Commerce” will evolve – a subject that we will explore at The 2012 Canadian Telecom Summit.

Nearly 2 in 5 Canadians say they take their smartphones to bed or have them on the nightstand and a quarter of us use our smart phones in the bathroom. Remember that information when you are tempted to borrow someone’s phone. Is there a disinfectant for electronics?

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