Mark Goldberg


Losing control

Can mission critical IT systems migrate to the cloud?

Information technology (IT) executives have to be reviewing their options as Research in Motion (RIM) enters its third day of service interruption. Amazon’s 3-day outage in April (and subsequent partial service loss in August) should have boards of directors asking CIOs to review their architectures.

Of course, cloud architectures can be more survivable than any single data centre, or single company networked operation. But these celebrated network failures should force an introspective process within  companies’ IT departments to ensure continuity strategies are consistent with the business objectives. All networks and systems will experience failures; anticipating and designing to survive the failure becomes a business decision.

To what extent are companies willing to lose control of the restoration process? This has to be the key frustration for corporate cloud services users today. When the CEO calls to find out the status, will the CIO be able to provide a credible answer?

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