Events ramp up

Mobile World Congress took place last month in Barcelona; CTIA’s annual event opens today in Orlando.

But Canadians don’t have to go far to see what is happening in communications. The Toronto Congress Centre is hosting two major events this year. My regular readers know about The Canadian Telecom Summit, Canada’s leading event for the communications and information technology sector, which is taking place this year on May 31 – June 2 in Toronto. [You really need to be there.]

But, do you also know that this year will see a return of a wireless industry trade show to Canada? The Canadian Wireless Trade Show is coming to Toronto September 15-16. I met with the founders yesterday over breakfast. Jay and Sunny are a couple of wireless industry entrepreneurs who are looking to target the hot mobile devices and accessories market. An increasing number of channels for the service providers are independent dealers; the trade show will provide an opportunity for them to learn about additional ways to satisfy customers and their love of their mobile devices.

The event is timed for right after the Back-to-School period and before the crunch at Christmas.

Compare the selection of accessories at an official carrier store and the kinds of things you see at kiosks and independent stores and you will get an appreciation for the range of toys that can be offered to customers to personalize their devices. Opportunities are available for companies to get involved with The Canadian Wireless Trade Show as sponsors, exhibitors and participants.

It has been nearly a decade since the last major trade show operated in Canadian telecom. It was good to see the enthusiasm that Jay and Sunny are bringing to this venture. I wish them all the best in organizing their inaugural event.

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