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Cisco puts end to stupid networks

CiscoLast week, Cisco announced medianet, a network architecture to accommodate the accelerating growth of video and rich media traffic on the internet.

Consider this to be the end of the stupid network theory.

A medianet is an intelligent network optimized for rich media that can help drive video strategy for enterprises, consumers and service providers. Cisco is the only company that, along with our partners, can address rich media from an end-to-end perspective by taking advantage of deep expertise in IP networking, video and consumer premise solutions.

According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index Study, global IP traffic will reach 44 exabytes per month by 2012 with video being the dominant driver of growth, accounting for 90 percent of consumer IP traffic.

This has led Cisco to propose a comprehensive lineup of technologies under the medianet label.

To deliver the visual, social, and personalized media experience that customers demand, service providers need a broad range of new capabilities. They need a media-aware network that can manage unprecedented new content on an unprecedented scale.

Medianet applies intelligence in home, business and service provider networks, working together.

It is a recognition that a stupid network is not equipped to deliver the kinds of services that users are demanding.

Cisco Canada president Nitin Kawale will be speaking at The 2009 Canadian Telecom Summit in June.

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