A fresh new look

I’ve had my website (mhgoldberg.com) for nearly 25 years and this blog site is about to celebrate its 15th anniversary.

It was time for a bit of a refresher, including improvements to readability on mobile devices. When I started consulting, there was no such thing as a mobile web and I just had never taken the time to do an update. For that, I apologize to you, my readers.

So, welcome to the new look. I hope you will keep coming back. A new look, but I’ll still be sharing my perspectives on trends in telecommunications through a Canadian lens. I’m proud to be listed in the top telecom blogs in the world and having been recognized by itWorld Canada: “No one does a better job of exploring, interpreting or criticizing telecommunications policy in Canada. Period.”

Thank you for your patience putting up with the old website. I’ll try not to let it go another 25 years before the next refresh.

Take a look around the new blog layout and my main webpage and let me know what you think of the changes.

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2 thoughts on “A fresh new look”

  1. I like the refresh, Mark. Much cleaner and easier to read. And if it is mobile responsive, that is superb. Looking back, your old site was dated and kinda showed its age so congrats on the new site.

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