Mark Goldberg

Spectrum policy and auctions

I was vacationing on November 21 when the International Telecommunications Society (ITS) held a workshop in Ottawa entitled “Spectrum Policy and Auctions: Best Practice from Around the World” but much of the day was captured on video. I thought it would be useful to provide a link to the archive.

The workshop attracted more than 70 participants from around the world to discuss auction best practices, opportunities and challenges, in the 5G era, including representatives from government, industry and academia.

Here are direct links to the presentations. I encourage you to visit the ITS site for a summary. Note that the video files are set up with a split screen to allow you to see the speaker and slides.

  • Professor Martin Cave, London School of Economics: Video | Slides
  • Oliver Chapman, GSMA Policy Director: Video | Slides
  • Evan Kwerel, Senior Economic Advisor at the Federal Communications Commission: Video | Slides
  • Dan Maldoom, partner at DotEcon: Video | Slides
  • Professor Pat Sujarittanonta, Chulalongkorn University: Video | Slides
  • Jan-Hendrik Jochum, Senior Expert, Public and Regulatory Affairs, Deutsche Telekom: Video | Slides
  • Nick Bone, Principal Engineer: Auctions, Security and Cryptography, Vodafone: Video | Slides
  • Professor Erik Bohlin, Chalmers University of Technology: Video | Slides
  • Panel of all speakers, moderated by Janet Yale, Chair of the Canadian Broadcasting and Telecommunications Legislative Review Panel: Video

Back in September, I wrote “The cost of spectrum policy”, introducing the GSMA report discussed by Oliver Chapman in his talk. That report found “High spectrum prices can cause negative consumer outcomes, including lower coverage levels and slower data speeds.”

The videos and slides from all of the speakers provides valuable material to productively fill time as your office empties over the winter break.

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