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CRTC timetables

Yesterday’s Notice of Consultation from the CRTC for the “Review of mobile wireless services” calls for an oral hearing beginning January 13, 2020. That is 319 days from now!

I was trying to think of when a telecommunications proceeding has had that lengthy a run up period.

The Wireless Code Notice of Consultation (2012-557) was issued October 11, 2012 and the hearing started just 109 days later starting on January 28, 2013.

The second Wireless Code notice (2016-293) was issued July 28, 2016 with its hearing opening 193 days later on February 6, 2017.

The original Long Distance proceeding started off with a mini-proceeding (1990-57) just to determine scope of the bigger proceeding. The preliminary process public notice (1990-57) was issued June 11, 1990 and it resulted in Notice 1990-73, issued August 3, 1990. The hearing itself began 308 days after the original scope proceeding, opening April 15, 1991.

So today’s #CRTC consultation is showing a timetable 11 days longer than the most generous view of the hearing that led to long distance competition in Canada. Has anyone seen a longer lag time between the opening of a CRTC telecom proceeding and the start of the oral hearing phase?

[It is interesting to note that the Long Distance Decision (1992-12) was released two years plus one day after the original public notice.]

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  • Michael Connolly

    Note that the Legislative Review Panel is expected to release its final report in January 2020. Will the proposed Policy Direction be in force? Will the post-election government be like-minded? Stay tuned!
    Michael Connolly
    MIDELCON Spectrum Consulting