Mark Goldberg

Top 5 from 2018

Which posts attracted the most attention in 2018?

Looking at the analytics, these 5 blog posts had the most individual page views:

  1. Blatantly, overwhelmingly, or structurally engaged in piracy” [January 29, 2018]
  2. Unplug the digital classroom?” [October 7, 2012]
  3. The Inside Wire: CRTC rules on telecom carrier access to buildings” [July 1, 2003]
  4. What does it mean to support ‘the concept of net neutrality’?” [January 4, 2018]
  5. Launching The 2018 Canadian Telecom Summit” [December 4, 2017]

Some of the posts from the past were apparently being used as reference materials. I am happy to see that my archives are providing some value, in some cases more than 15 years after being written.

Here are some of my other favourite posts from the past year:

Thank you for following me here on this blog (and on Twitter) and engaging over the past year. Let me extend to you the very best wishes for health, happiness and peace in the year ahead.

Happy new year!

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