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Success in the cloud

Can communications services providers succeed in a cloud economy?

VMware’s VP Global Market Development for its Telco Business Group, Honoré LaBourdette, will be speaking at The 2018 Canadian Telecom Summit on Tuesday morning, June 5.

Her talk plans to explore “Telco Success in the Cloud Economy.”

With the imminent arrival of 5G, with its inherently low latency, communications services providers have an opportunity to provide some innovative value-added services. These services will be build upon a foundation of next generation platforms, combining Network function virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networks (SDN), and cloud-based platforms, which could include public, private and telco clouds. These combined technologies will enable service providers to create dynamic, hybrid IT environments, allowing the service provider to move beyond just providing connectivity to becoming strategic partners for vertically based applications like digital health, connected cars, smart cities, industrial IoT and more.

Her presentation will discuss how service providers can learn how to become dominant players in this new cloud economy. Through its Virtual Cloud Network architecture, VMware enables communications services providers to have a single infrastructure for public, private and telco cloud networks with end-to-end consistency and built-in security from data center to network to edge.

Honoré LaBourdette is one of more than 50 industry leaders speaking at The 2018 Canadian Telecom Summit, June 4 – 6, in Toronto.

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