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The end of the internet as we know it?

I took a look through the archives of my blog to see what I have written on Net Neutrality.

It strikes me that this issue has been open a long, long time.

The current furor in the US is over regulations that have only been in force for the past 2 years. Much of the hyperbole says that dismantling the US rules will mean the end of the internet as we know it, which is somewhat disingenuous, considering that most of the internet as we know it was developed in the absence of these regulations.

As I Storified from a Twitter rant earlier today, here are links to some highlights from my archives, reaching back more than 11 years.

The end of the internet as we know it? Hardly.

I wonder: in two years, will Canadians look at the state of the internet in the US and be happy with the CRTC’s internet regulatory framework, or seek the return of market-led development?

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