Home remedies

As reported in Cartt.ca, TELUS Health has partnered with Tunstall to launch remote patient monitoring, to reduce unnecessary hospital admissions and help patients living with chronic disease.

Tunstall’s ICP Integrated Care Platform allows clinicians to support patients managing chronic conditions while empowering them to stay active in the effective management of their own health and chronic conditions. By enabling them to track and upload their vital signs from the comfort of their own home, the Telus Home Health Monitoring solution powered by ICP will allow virtual care teams to maintain a close watch on biometrics in real-time and intervene before a health issue arises, regardless of where they are located.

E-Health is often cited as a major benefit of rural broadband expansion programs, since people living in more remote areas tend to have greater distances to travel to a hospital as well. How fast a connection is needed? As it turns out, not much speed is needed for these applications. According to TELUS Health, anything faster than a dial-up connection is all that is required for the Home Health Monitoring solution.

Much of the home monitoring is simple biometric data. We do not need remote reading of diagnostic imaging to start getting benefits of e-health care solutions. Improved patient outcomes can be achieved through incremental steps. Building a smart community, by getting a little bit smarter every day.

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