Taming the internet

Mark Evans has a posting today with a title that is reminiscent of an Op Ed that Bernie Farber wrote in the Ottawa Citizen last fall: Taming the web’s Wild West.

As Bernie wrote at that time:

Those of us challenging the spread of hate promotion have tried for many years to find the fine balance between the right to free speech and the right of individuals not to be the objects of hate and violent speech.

Unfortunately, the dark side of the internet has chosen another target. Mark Evans suggests

the time has come for everyone (government, the business community, think-tanks, etc.) to determine how to fight the dark side while still allowing the Web to flourish and grow

There is a session that will look at the issue of Illegal Content on the Internet at The 2007 Canadian Telecom Summit. Bernie will be there, as will experts on child exploitation. It will be an interesting opportunity to explore meaningful ways to deal with these issues.

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