Converting old computers to netbooks

CNN Money featured a story about Neverware, a start-up launched by a colleague of my son: “Neverware is reviving old school computers“. Neverware created software that revives old computers and gets them running like new again, basically converting older PCs and Macs into a Google Chromebook.

By running everything in a web browser, the operating system puts much less strain on the computer’s hardware and can make the old machines feel new again. (It works with any computer manufactured in the last eight years.)

Neverware targets the school market, but it may be interesting to explore this approach to get lower cost devices into households that can’t afford to get computers for school aged children.

We need creative solutions to ensure that all of Canada’s school-aged children have access to a connected computer at home.

Will Neverware be able to help bring more devices to more kids in Canada?

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