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Nielsen released a report on US smartphone sales that show Android taking the lead over the past six months.

The report found that 32% of new smartphone sales during that period were handsets powered by Android, with Blackberry at 26% and Apple’s iPhone close behind at 25%.

Considering the embedded base, Blackberry remains the leader at 31% followed by iPhone at 28% and Android at 19%, an increase from 8% of the market as recently as January. Blackberry fell from 36% in that period.

The Android operating system is embedded in devices made by a number of manufacturers, including HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and LG. The multiple-supplier approach allows the device makers to differentiate based onĀ various consumer electronics features, whether it is a slider keyboard orĀ enhanced camera.

While many commentators have focussed on Apple versus RIM, Google’s Android OS has moved into first place for new phone shipments.

Will Microsoft’s upcoming launch of Windows Phone 7 provide a new challenger for smartphone OS supremacy?

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  2. It’s pretty unlikely that the new Windows Phone 7 will give Apple, Blackberry, or Google a run for their money. Microsoft has hurt it’s telecom reputation pretty poorly in the past, and that’s putting it lightly. There are tons of iPhone users who would prefer their occasional inability to make calls over even taking a chance on the new Windows Phone 7. As much work as Microsoft is probably putting into this phone, I really doubt it’s going to live up to their dreams. Even if it turns out to be an amazing phone, I don’t think it’s going to sell nearly as well as the new Android phones or the iPhone.

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