#STAC2022: State of wireless

Robert Ghiz, President and CEO of the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) was the closing keynote speaker for STAC2022, the annual conference of Canada’s Structure, Tower and Antenna Council, held online again this year.

Rob’s talks are usually packed with statistics and topical information about the wireless industry and its impact on Canadians and Canada’s economy, and today’s address did not disappoint.

He also spoke about the success of the Structure, Towers and Antenna Council as a relatively new organization, growing from 10 organizations at its inception in 2016 to more than 130 now. “What started as a small group of about 40 people is now a community of over 700 like-minded individuals who have a shared committed to tower safety.”

He discussed the transformative impact of 5G, and the role played by those specialized workers actually implementing these technology changes.

Why spend so much on 5G?

5G is not just an upgrade to 4G. It is whole new telecommunications system that will transform the way that Canadians conduct business, receive critical services like healthcare, and interact with one another. 5G will be the foundation for the digital economy and will be a key enabler for Canada’s economic recovery.

As the demand for mobile data increases, we need to adopt technologies that allow wireless networks to operate more efficiency. Equally important, our wireless networks must support other industries’ desire to use wireless technologies to make their operations and products more environmentally friendly.

As always, Rob provided an overview of the Canadian wireless industry, its positioning in the world, the importance of wireless infrastructure, and he looked at the current political situation in Ottawa.

In his talk, he spoke of the drive, commitment and passion of Canada’s telecommunications industry workers. I encourage you to watch it in its entirety.

Indeed, speaking of passion, it is worth mentioning that Rob is arguably the most passionate promoter of Prince Edward Island as an idyllic tourist destination as you start to venture out of your COVID-induced isolation. Since Rob only made a passing reference to some “colleagues from PEI” in the context of an answer to a question, I was left wondering if someone changed the colour of the gables on Anne’s house.

Hoping someone will visit the Island and send along a photo to reassure me.

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