Top 5 from 2020

Which of my blog posts attracted the most attention in 2020?

Looking at the analytics, these 5 articles had the most individual page views:

  1. An expense gap in the rural digital divide” [October 21, 2020]
  2. An easy way to increase rural broadband speeds” [June 22, 2020]
  3. Words matter. Accuracy matters” [May 13, 2020]
  4. When a smart city plan isn’t so smart” [July 21, 2020]
  5. Toward a universal broadband strategy” [December 8, 2020]

Honourable mentions go to:

Thank you for following me here on this blog (and on Twitter) and engaging over the past year. It has been a challenging year for all of us with the world depending on telecommunications networks to stay in touch with family, conduct business, go to school and virtually every aspect of our lives. For more than 9 months now, Canada’s communications industry has demonstrated leadership in its response to the pandemic, as I wrote in “Brave new world” in mid-March.

I hope the coming weeks give you an opportunity to connect with your family and friends, safely and telephonically. Let me extend to you the very best wishes for health, happiness and peace over the holidays and in the year ahead.

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