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The Canadian Telecom Summit

The Canadian Telecom Summit

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An innovative transformation

Innovation. Noun. A new idea, method, process. Synonyms: change · alteration · revolution · upheaval · transformation · metamorphosis · breakthrough · new measures · new methods · modernization · novelty · newness · creativity · originality · ingenuity · inspiration · inventiveness · a shake up

Dictionaries may be able to define the term, but that doesn’t easily translate into concrete action plans for a government to lead an economic transformation.

Innovation has been a focus for the Government of Canada’s policy agenda, triggering a consultation that was distilled into a report [or pdf version, 2.4MB].

At its most basic, innovation is about making things better in ways that benefit everyone. Innovation isn’t always based on technology. Any idea can be transformed into a simple solution that results in new products or services. Innovations can create entirely new jobs, markets and industries that never existed before. And they can give existing industries a new lease on life by making them more productive and efficient.

Leading up to a Federal budget that is expected to emphasize innovation, David Akin has written a couple articles in the past week looking at what we can expect to see:

These articles refer to three important source papers that are worthwhile reviewing:

Earlier this week, University of Toronto News profiled Professor Dan Breznitz, one of the world’s leading authorities on innovation.

How do we transform Canada’s economy to be more innovative? This will be a core theme at The 2017 Canadian Telecom Summit, taking place June 5-7 in Toronto.

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