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Long Distance in Canada

Table of Contents

Telecommunications Regulations
Legislative framework
Control and Ownership Restrictions
Parties Subject to the Telecommunications Act
Introduction of Competition
Resale and Interconnection
International Competition
Teleglobe Canada's Monopoly
International Resale and Routing Restrictions
New Regulatory Regime
The contribution regime
Bypass Restrictions
Applicable Routing Restrictions
Equipment Certification
Protection of Intellectual Property
Consumer Protection
Investment Canada
Corporate Structure and Documentation
Extra-Provincial Registration and Licensing Requirements
Canadian Income Tax
Goods and Services Tax and Provincial Sales Tax
Site Survey
Human Resources
Interconnection Arrangements
Line Side versus Trunk Side Interconnection
Line Side Access
Trunk Side Access
Equal Access
Interconnection Charges
Survey of Competition
AT&T Canada Long Distance Services
Sprint Canada
Acquisition Targets
Implementation Plan
Construction Scenario
Appendix A: Draft Registration Letter to CRTC
Appendix B: Calculation Of Contribution - 1998

Table of Figures

Table 1: Equal Access Sample Circuit Charges
Table 2: Hicap45 Rate Structures (August 5, 1997)
Table 3: Available Bulk Lease - Toronto to New York
Table 4: Bell Canada Access Costs (July, 1997 with March 1998 Contribution rates)
Table 5: London Telecom Canadian Rate Plans
Table 6: Implementation Flow Chart

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