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How we counter the dark side

Michael Chertoff

Michael Chertoff

A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece called “Preventing a fragmented internet” that discussed the issue of global internet governance.

In that piece, I wrote that former Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, will be addressing these kinds of issues at The 2015 Canadian Telecom Summit, taking place June 1-3, in Toronto. His remarks will address “One Internet or Thousands: Preserving the World Wide Web in a Diverse Globe.”

Earlier this week, Mr. Chertoff released a paper he co-authored with Tobby Simon entitled “The Impact of the Dark Web on Internet Governance and Cyber Security” [pdf].

The paper observes that much of the debate on internet governance has been over privacy and security on what they term “the visible Web”. The paper asserts the need to consider the governance of the “deep Web” and the “dark Web.”

Like any technology, from pencils to cellphones, anonymity can be used for both good and bad. Users who fear economic or political retribution for their actions turn to the dark Web for protection. But there are also those who take advantage of this online anonymity to use the dark Web for illegal activities such as controlled substance trading, illegal financial transactions, identity theft and so on.

The authors say it wouldn’t be surprising to see the dark Web’s criminal underbelly become more fragmented, and therefore more complicated to investigate, given wide-spread online surveillance by states and the recent arrests of cyber-criminals.

Carl Herberger

Carl Herberger

Cyber security and internet governance are important issues facing an increasingly hyperconnected economy.

In addition to the keynote address on the afternoon of June 1, The 2015 Canadian Telecom Summit has a panel Monday afternoon, June 1, that will look at Cyber Security. That panel will be moderated by renowned cyber attack expert Carl Herberger, VP of Security Solutions at Radware, who is a frequent guest on Fox Business News, CNN and Bloomberg Broadcast News.

How will new models of Internet governance balance freedoms with cyber security?

Panel discussions and keynote addresses at The 2015 Canadian Telecom Summit will explore these issues and much, much more. Early bird rates are available through February 28 – that’s just a week away. Book your seat, today.

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