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Top 5 from 2014

I thought it might be interesting to see what caught my readers’ eyes this year.

Looking at the analytics, these 5 days stood out in driving traffic spikes:

  1. September 23, the day after I wrote “Nobody wins in challenge of CRTC authority” about the Netflix – CRTC showdown
  2. April 24, when I asked “Did Privacy Commissioner lose private information?
  3. January 14, when I posted a summary of Deloitte’s “Predictions for 2014
  4. March 18, when I posted “In case of emergency” about text with 9-1-1
  5. February 19, when I posted a “Differential analysis” on the 700MHz auction

Interestingly, these were not necessarily the most viewed blog posts over the course of the year. These 5 had the most individual page views:

  1. Nobody wins in challenge of CRTC authority” [September 22]
  2. In case of emergency” [March 18]
  3. CRTC takes to Twitter to #TalkTV” [February 21]
  4. Did Privacy Commissioner lose private information?” [April 24]
  5. Driving down domestic roaming” [March 31]

The “CRTC takes to Twitter to #TalkTV” post starts with an observation about one of the February 19 Twitter interactions between CRTC Chair JP Blais and a citizen who asked if the Commission has the jurisdiction to regulate Netflix. The Chair responded “I don’t want to debate jurisdiction online. See section 4(2) of the Broadcasting Act.”

As I wrote at the time “It would seem reasonable for a “conversation with Canadians” to be able to get a straight answer to a pretty basic question: In the view of the Chairman of the CRTC, does the Commission have the jurisdiction to regulate Netflix?”

In hindsight, that interaction foreshadowed one of the most memorable CRTC appearances – an appearance that has been struck from the record.

Thank you for following and engaging. As I wrote last week, let me wish all of you the best in the year ahead.

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