Building balkanized networks?

In my Family Day reading, I came across a couple of different articles that struck me as somewhat related.

First was a news release from last week announcing the expansion of the Verizon Financial Network to reach more new markets, services and data centers in Europe and North America. The Verizon Financial Network is designed to provide dedicated infrastructure for many of the world’s largest financial institutions with enhanced security, resilience and low-latency.

Then I read an analysis in European Voice, warning that “Europe must beware of a Balkanised internet“. The article warns that it would be a mistake to heed the calls by some to force protectionist measures to keep European data within EU boundaries. “Isolating Europe’s data behind a protectionist wall will not only harm Europe’s economy as a whole.”

How will networks evolve to enable service providers and CIOs to provide their clients secure, responsive, reliable service level guarantees? Will we see the return to tiered, specialized networks for different classes of applications and customers?

A couple sessions will be looking at related issues at The 2014 Canadian Telecom Summit. A Cyber Security panel, with speakers such as Ron Deibert, Director of University of Toronto’s Canada Centre for Global Security Studies and Carl Herberger, VP of Security Solutions for Radware. There is also a session looking at Cloud, Big Data and the Transformative Power of the Network with a range of speakers from Ciena, Broadsoft, Blackberry and Zimory.

The 2014 Canadian Telecom Summit takes place June 16-18 at Toronto Congress Centre. Early Bird prices are available through February 28. Have you registered yet?

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