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Depending on technology

Rogers Innovation Report InfographicOver the holidays, Rogers released its most recent survey of consumer technology trends, the Rogers Innovation Report.

In the summary press release, Rogers said that Canadians are not only embracing the technologies that keep them connected, they depend on them.

The research found that more than half of Canadians (52%) now personally own a smartphone; a third of Canadians have a tablet device.

Smartphone owners keep their device within reach 70% of the day (16.8 hours); on average, tablet owners keep their device within reach for 39% of the day (9.4 hours). But, interestingly, older tablet users (60+ years old) are more likely to keep their devices within reach (45% of the day).

Rogers found that 85% of users admitted to sneaking a peak at their mobile device while out with friends; 52% while on a date. Generation Y users were far more likely to check their phones: with friends (99%); on public transit (94%); watching TV (90%); or, on a date (68%). The study didn’t say if those pulling out their devices on a date are checking movie times, looking for directions or waiting ’til their friend has gone to the washroom.

The report also looks at what Canadians expect their from their devices in the near future – within the next 5 years:

  • 76% expect to be able to control home appliances, hydro from their devices
  • 69% expect apps to be able to provide health notifications, such as measuring blood sugar levels for diabetics
  • 50% expect to spend more online than in physical stores
  • 55% expect mobile apps to replace the need to carry physical bank cards
  • 42% think apps will tell a knock-off from the real thing
  • 71% expect smartphone batteries to last for weeks without charging

The full report is 65 pages and it is worth a read. Highlights can be found in an infographic and in the video below.

Rogers Innovation Report provides some useful data and interesting reading as we begin a new year.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous year ahead.

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