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The mobile generation

PrintCitrix is releasing a new survey of mobile users with some interesting information about the relationship Americans have with their mobile devices. Citrix says American smartphone users spend almost every waking minute with their devices, checking news and social media feeds first thing each morning, eating meals with device in hand, and watching reality TV shows in secret.

In addition, Citrix ByteMobile released its latest Mobile Analytics Report, which shows many misconceptions by mobile subscribers with respect to their consumption of content and data.

Among the highlights:

  • Half of all web pages take more than 8 seconds to load, but a third of mobile device owners will give up in 8 seconds or less. Half of these users blame their carrier while the other half blame the website.
  • The report found that the vast majority (92%) of video is low resolution, but two-thirds of users think most of their mobile video is high resolution. Nearly three quarters of mobile video viewers seek out most of the video they watch, rather than wait for it to come to them.
  • Among millenials, first thing in the morning, nearly two thirds check their social media feeds. The other third look at the news.
  • Nearly half (46%) admitting to watching a questionable television show on a mobile device that they would never watch with their friends. Pawn Stars, Storage Wars and The Real Housewives series led the list of shows watched behind closed doors.

There is an infographic at right with some of the conclusions from the reports.

The 2013 Canadian Telecom Summit will feature a number of panels that explore these trends. On Monday June 3, we will have panels looking at Devices, Screens & Apps and Business Models in a Converged World. On Tuesday June 4, there is a panel looking at The Revolution of TV: Content Anywhere & Anyhow.

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