Mark Goldberg

Fox Group Dispatch

Interfering with internet content

On a superficial level, if you asked someone on the street if they want their internet service provider to interfere with the content being delivered, I suspect most would immediately answer “No.”

Would the results be the same if the questioner started off by saying: “some ISPs will block spam and viruses from reaching your computer at no extra charge. Is that a valuable service?”

It is pretty clear that there is some content that we want ISPs to block.

Is there other content that should be required to be blocked?

Does the law even permit ISPs to transport or cache child exploitation images? Canada’s major ISPs are blocking identified illegal content; should the smaller ISPs be required to?

Does the CRTC have to pre-authorize such blocking under S.36 of the Telecom Act?

There will be a public consultation on New Media later this year. These content issues and others should be part of the discussion.

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