Mark Goldberg

Simplified roaming

Roam Mobility is about to make cross border roaming easier and cheaper for Canadians.

Launching January 16, travelers will see Roam Mobility SIM cards, phones and mobile hot spots at duty free shops in major airports and land crossings. The service is live when customers turn it on in the US. Your phone is active and able to make calls from the get go – waiting for the flight attendants to authorize you to use your electronic devices.

Simple activation and unlimited US/Canada talk and text make this an attractive option for short term and even longer stay visitors, with thirty day plans for $60 per month. Add 2 GB of mobile data for $40 more.

The predictability of flat rate, unlimited calling should prove to be popular; among the keys to success for Roam Mobility will be development of brand awareness, distribution channels and customer service excellence. As a frequent cross border traveler, it is good to see more options.

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