Mark Goldberg

Fox Group Dispatch

Junk science

The National Post took aim at York Region parents who picketed their school board offices to protest over WiFi. There is no real science to back up their concerns, just “gossip they read on Twitter, or at the health-food store bulletin board.”

Rarely a day goes by that my inbox doesn’t include a “helpful” message forwarded by a friend or family member asking me if it is true – such as cashiers scamming $20 from a credit card or cockroach eggs in envelop glue – the junk science driving the parental WiFi concern fits into the same category – did you know the origin of the urban legend that you can cook an egg with two cell phones? Be sure to make the call during off-peak, or using an unlimited plan.

I use for checking the answer to frequent “real or hoax” emails. Do you have a favourite site? Or do you forward the messages along?

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