Mark Goldberg


Wholesale internet pricing

Yesterday, the initial filings were due for the CRTC’s review of wholesale internet pricing (PN 2011-77 as amended).

Even before Bell had filed its comments, Open Media was quoted by the Post as endorsing the filing [its press release can be found here]. The Globe and Mail quoted Industry Minister Tony Clement as unimpressed. Bell waited until nearly 9:00pm before releasing its new Gateway Access Tariff for Fibre to the Node [Filing, Tariff Page, Economic Study]. Bell has asked for interim approval (see page 4 of the filing), which will allow independent ISPs to begin to offer services at the new speeds as of May 29, with the rates retroactively adjusted once the CRTC completes its deliberations.

For those who would like to actually read the filed comments prior to expressing an opinion, here is what I have seen:

There may be others that will be available on the CRTC website in the coming days. Reply comments are due April 29, and parties may ask questions of each other on that date as well. Answers to these interrogatories will be due on May 24.

All of which leads to good discussion material for The 2011 Canadian Telecom Summit: May 31 – June 2, in Toronto.

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