Mark Goldberg


Elevator pitch

The FCC put its 3 goals into a single tweet. It was the ultimate elevator pitch:

3 FCC goals: modernize Universal Service Fund; remove barriers to bband adoption; unleash spectrum for mobile broadband.

Agree with them or not, the FCC was able to clearly set out its priorities. They were described more fully in an address [pdf] from FCC Chair Julius Genachowski.

Industry Minister Tony Clement has talked about delivering Canada’s national digital strategy in the coming months. It is the culmination of an inter-ministerial consultation launched a year ago, together with Heritage and Human Resources. It is certain to be a magnum opus – I wonder if there will be a printed version, or will Canada’s digital strategy will exist only in digital form?

More important than the form will be the substance and the follow-up. Can we focus on clear priorities?

Will the highlights of the digital strategy be able to be expressed as succinctly as the FCC set out its goals?

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