Clean the system you love

If you love your computer, you’ll clean it once in a while.

Last summer, I mentioned that System Mechanic helped re-tune our computers to improve performance. The folks at Iolo Technologies tell me that Monday is Clean Out Your Computer Day; the second Monday in February happens to fall on Valentine’s Day this year. Hence my opening statement, if you love your computer, you should think about cleaning it up this year.

Some facts and figures:

  • In the UK, technology is above domestic relationships as a cause of stress (19 to 20 percent), according to British Association of Anger Management.
  • Executives waste six weeks each year looking for lost items and information, according to a study published in the Wall Street Journal, adding up for huge corporate operating losses.
  • 30 percent surveyed have witnessed physical attacks on computers, while 62 percent say their colleagues regularly swear at their PCs out of frustration

While we continue to develop the concepts to move forward on the One Million Computers project, please consider community projects like the Little Geeks for your slightly used machines. They will refurbish P4 desktops and get them into the hands of kids who can extend the life of machines before they go to e-waste recycling.

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