Building a digital Canada

I wrote yesterday about last week’s release of the Digital Britain report.

Canada has been pretty good about studying the future. It is the follow through that seems to be missing. We have had a broadband taskforce, a spam taskforce, a telecom policy review panel, a competition policy review panel, etc. Two weeks from today, the CRTC will commence the public hearings phase of its review of Canadian broadcasting in new media. The Commission has already received 153 submissions from individuals, content providers, industry lobby groups, telcos, broadcasters, unions, church groups and academics.

We have CRTC monitoring reports that look at the state of telecommunications, broadcasting and new media.

We’re pretty good at producing studies. Can we follow through?

The broadband website has been moved to our national archives; the website announces:

With the completion of the Broadband for Rural and Northern Development pilot program and the final round of the National Satellite Initiative (NSI), this Web site is now closed.

Does that strike anyone else as interesting? Is the work of building broadband really done?

It seems that there are lots of studies, but it is hard to find a clear statement of vision for Canada’s digital future. As we invest in measures to jump start job creation, what concrete measures will affirm Canadian leadership in a global digital economy.

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