Rebranding for a new era

The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association announced it is rebranding itself, dropping the ‘wireless’ qualifier, explicitly expanding its scope to include wireline communications. Its new Twitter tagline reads “Dedicated to building a better future for Canadians through connectivity”.

Welcome to the Canadian Telecommunications Association, a new name reflecting the organization’s broadened role. The Association promotes the “importance of both wireless and wireline telecommunications to Canada’s economic growth and social development, and the crucial role of ongoing investments by facilities-based service providers in delivering world-class internet and mobile-wireless services to Canadians.”

The rebranding represents the latest chapter in a nearly 50-year history for the organization. In many ways, the evolution of the Association’s name and branding over the decades reflects the changing nature of telecommunications in Canada. The association says it will continue to do more than advocate on behalf of its industry members. It facilitates industry-wide initiatives such as the Mobile Giving Foundation Canada, Canadian Common Short Codes, STAC and

Technology evolution and consumer demands tend to blur lines between the capabilities and use of wired and wireless telecommunications. Many policy priorities overlap between wireline and wireless carriers.

“We remain dedicated to building a better future for Canadians through both wireline and wireless connectivity.”

Consumers want faster, more reliable internet connections, driven by streaming video and other bandwidth-intensive applications. So, service providers invest billions of dollars each year to expand and upgrade access and transport networks.

Canadian Telecommunications Association CEO Robert Ghiz said: “Our members are committed to ensuring that Canadians continue to enjoy world-class telecommunications services that are the cornerstone of Canada’s digital economy and an important contributor to the social fabric of our country. For this to happen, Canada must maintain a regulatory environment that incentivizes the high-level of private sector investment needed to connect all Canadians and build the next generation of connectivity infrastructure and services.”

“Canada’s future depends of connectivity” is a phrase that has appeared many times on these pages since it was used by former ISED Minister Navdeep Bains in August 2020.

The rebranding recognizes that connectivity can be delivered over wireline and wireless facilities, building digital infrastructure for a new era.

Canada’s innovation-based economy depends on connectivity – connectivity delivered by the investments made by members of the Canadian Telecommunications Association.

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