Global mobile data

Last week, Ericsson issued the latest update to its Mobility Report [pdf, 3.4MB].

As always, it is a good source of information on the global mobile wireless industry. Global mobile network data traffic has doubled in the last two years, a statistic that in consistent with the 40% increase in one year reported by the CRTC in its latest quarterly update.

Ericsson expects “North America to lead the world in 5G subscription penetration in the next five years with nine-of-every-ten subscriptions in the region expected to be 5G in 2027.”

Around the world, home connections using fixed wireless access (FWA) served by mobile networks are projected to double over the next 5 years. As 5G gets pushed out to more areas, will we see greater use of FWA in Canada?

The report includes more than just network data – there are discussions of various marketing approaches and strategies used by service providers around the world. Articles look at the challenges of securing 5G networks, deploying edge computing, the power of IoT connectivity and more.

With a retrospective look at some of the key trends and events that shaped mobile services around the world over the last year, the report provides Ericsson’s forecasts toward 2027.

Good reading for the upcoming holiday weekend.

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