#STAC2021: Partici-STAC-tion

The annual meeting of STAC, Canada’s Structure, Tower and Antenna Council, STAC 2021 continued yesterday, with an opening keynote for Day 2 by Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod on “Keep Fit and Have Fun”. This was obviously quite a change-of-pace type of session for a telecom event, and I thought it was inspirational enough to make this a change-of-pace posting on my blog.

Their message, that we can all live, work and play together, had been ultimately ignited by their commitment to diversity and inclusion. The session heard Hal and Joanne talk about why this commitment is important to them, and what they do about it. Their first interactions with the Canadian media establishment were not shining examples of the Canadian multicultural ideal.

A bit of history: it started with a chance meeting at a gym over 33 years ago. Bodybreak has grown to be one of the most recognized, iconic brands in Canada known for promoting healthy, active lifestyles to Canadians of all ages. The session gave STAC participants a look behind the scenes at what motivated them to start BodyBreak and how it all came together. It comes down to how they dealt with roadblocks that were put in front of them, with a positive perspective. Instead, the pair figured out a way around the challenges to succeed in bringing their message of inclusiveness to the airwaves.

What we do today impacts what we will be able to do as we get older, as we heard from the Heart and Stroke Foundation. “What will your last 10 years look like? Will you grow old with vitality or get old with disease? It’s time to decide.”

Hal and Joanne identified triggers that set poor habits in motion for many. And for those of us who have spent the past year isolating at home, and especially after what seemed like an especially dreary, lonely, and nearly endless winter, the session provided motivation on how to establish new triggers, new routines and the rewards that can be expected for your efforts, with lots of simple tips to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

A nice change from the standard approach for an opening keynote at a telecom event!

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