Speeding up your internet connection

Last week, I was able to increase my internet speeds without even talking to my internet service provider (ISP). All it took was a modest investment in some new home networking equipment.

When I had tried to upgrade the firmware on my old equipment, I was a little embarrassed to find that the latest updates were about 10 years old. Just sharing that information with you, I’m blushing more than a little.

I bought a new WiFi router and access point, each just $40, and my download speeds instantly increased from 25 Mbps to 40 Mbps.

There are a lot of factors that can contribute to you getting slower speeds, some of which are the responsibility of your ISP, but many are due to your own home network. The app for my new router helped me identify 15 devices that were connected to my wireless network: computers, TVs, smart speakers, mobile phones, tablets, smart plugs. It adds up pretty quickly.

If you are having problems, try upgrading your home network gear. It made a difference for me.

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  1. In rural or new construction areas where fiber is unavailable or too costly, using SD-WAN to aggregate multiple broadband links from different providers can also improve bandwidth, provide failover/business continuity and deliver quality of service for voice and video – especially important in today’s work-from-home/work-remote environment!

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