15 years later

This is an exceptional weekend post, marking an exceptional anniversary that happens to occur on a Saturday this year.

I started blogging fifteen years ago today. My first post was pretty brief, effectively it was just a test:

It is a start!

The beginning of the Blog for Mark H. Goldberg & Associates.

You can reach us on the web at www.mhgoldberg.com or drop me a note: mark@mhgoldberg.com

Short, sweet, to the point.

Later this year, I’ll be celebrating 25 years of independent consulting. As I said on Twitter last fall when celebrating 40 years of working in telecom, “My career in telecommunications has been a great ride so far. I continue to enjoy waking up and finding new opportunities every single day.”

In the early days, I would write a few little tidbits each day; now I tend to write one or two in-depth pieces each week.

There are now more than 2900 posts in the searchable archives for this blog, including a number of flash reports that I prepared for clients in the days before I started blogging. I hope this site provides a useful reference tool, tracking the evolution of competitive telecommunications in Canada.

Do you have any favourite posts?

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  1. Congratulations Mark! Thank you for sharing your extensive knowledge and experience with those who follow Canada’s telecom industry, it is greatly appreciated!

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