Mark Goldberg

Hey buddy, can you spare a computer?

Do you have any spare computers collecting dust?

Does your company regularly upgrade computers for your economics, engineering or graphics departments?

There is no better way to dispose of those machines than by donating them to Canada’s Computers for Schools Plus program to be refurbished, re-used, or recycled responsibly. Since 1993, the program has distributed more than 1.7 million refurbished computers to schools, non-profits and low-income households.

Concerned about the data on those machines? As noted in a recent article in the National Post, the program uses industry best-practices and can issue Certificates of Destruction. “The measures in place meet the requirements of the federal government, including the program’s largest single donor, the Department of National Defense.”

There is a different Computers for Schools agency in each province and territory. Each has put in place health and safety procedures to protect donors and staff during these times.

Contact your local agency to learn how you can help. Learn more about Computers for Success here.

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