Mark Goldberg

Canada’s mobile leadership

A new report [4.8 MB, pdf] released this morning by Opensignal ranks Canada’s mobile networks as fastest in the world.

Listed at the top of the key findings of “The State of Mobile Network Experience 2020: One Year into the 5G Era”, Opensignal says

Canada and South Korea are now joint top in Download Speed Experience
A year ago South Korean users were the only ones that experienced average download speeds above 50 Mbps. While Korea’s operators launched 5G in April 2019, and Canada has only just launched 5G, in early 2020 our Canadian users saw download speeds statistically tied with those of South Korea. Both countries clocked at a blisteringly fast 59 Mbps.

Among Canada’s G7 peers, the speed difference is widening. The download speed experience of France, Germany, Italy, the UK, and the US was more than 50% slower than Canada. At 15% slower, only Japan was in the same league as Canada.

Canada’s mobile speeds increased by 17 Mbps (over 40%) between the first quarter 2019 report and the first quarter 2020 report released today. It was the biggest jump of any of the 100 countries in the report. In addition, 4G availability in Canada is now measured above the 90% mark. Opensignal reported its Canadian 4G users spent (on average) 93.5% of the time connected to 4G in Q1 2020, up 4.7% from Q1 2019.

Canada’s mobile network excellence isn’t just an urban phenomenon. Recall, last September Opensignal said “If rural Canada were a country, it would rank 12th in our Download Speed Experience ranking, with our rural Canadian users on average seeing faster 4G download speeds than our users in Sweden, New Zealand, France, and 73 of the other countries we reported on.”

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