Mark Goldberg


Participating in a responsible way

The CRTC’s rules of practice and procedure include a process for awarding costs to public interest groups in order to encourage participation in its various public proceedings. The cost awards can sometimes be quite substantial; there are examples of awards frequently in the order of tens of thousands of dollars and sometimes even higher.

According to the CRTC, “The Commission considers that costs awards are intended to encourage the participation of individuals and groups who represent subscriber interests, rather than private interests.”

Further, “when assessing costs applications, the Commission considers whether a costs applicant has participated in the proceeding in a responsible way and contributed to a better understanding of the matters considered by the Commission.”

A recent article by David C. Lowery on The Trichordist blog raises questions about whether Open Media is indeed a grass-roots consumer focused organization or representing private interests as a “Google funded astroturf group“?

In a recent article on, Open Media encourages readers to use an online tool to call ISED Minister Bains with the goal that “his office will be flooded” with thousands of calls. Is this consistent with participating in a proceeding in a responsible way?

Last year, an Open Media advocacy training presentation on how to frame issues stated “Morals, values, and identity will always defeat facts, reason, logic, and self-interest”.

Is this consistent with contributing to a better understanding of issues?

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