Mark Goldberg

Restoring Trust in Communications

As most of us can attest, phone calls are no longer a trusted way to communicate.

Given the epidemic of nuisance telemarketing (such as my thrice daily calls offering air duct cleaning), and truly illegal calls (like those from the fake Windows support centre), it seems a wasted effort to answer the line most of the times the phone rings.

If we can’t be certain who is calling, consumers will start to ignore the ringer.

This is not just a Canadian problem.

The telecom industries in Canada and the US have been tasked by the CRTC and the FCC, to find ways to combat nuisance calls.

At The 2018 Canadian Telecom Summit, delegates will hear about the latest regulatory developments, and industry responses such as the STIR/SHAKEN authentication standards, including implementation progress and best practices to address the problem. The objective is to get people to pick up the phone again.

Michael Cooley, VP Business Development, at Neustar will lead the discussion in the opening session on Day 2, Tuesday, June 5, “Restoring Trust in Communications: Regulations and innovations to protect consumers and optimize business engagement.”

The 2018 Canadian Telecom Summit will take place June 4-6 in Toronto. Register before the end of May to save $250. Have you registered yet?

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