Mark Goldberg

Digital Canada 150

In 2015, the government of Canada released what it called its digital strategy, a pamphlet called Digital Canada 150 [3MB, pdf]. It set a vision:

By Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017, our vision is for a thriving digital Canada, underscored by five key pillars: connecting Canadians, protecting Canadians, economic opportunities, digital government and Canadian content.

Five pillars, each with different objectives and each promising a variety of actions to achieve those goals.

How have we been doing? In “Measuring success,” I wrote, “Set clear objectives. Align activities with the achievement of those objectives. Stop doing things that are contrary to the objectives.”

In “Canada’s innovation scorecard, I asked “How should Canadians measure our innovation agenda? How do we define and measure success? How do we know that we are heading in the right direction?”

We are just 2 months away from Canada’s 150th birthday. How well have we achieved the vision for “a thriving digital Canada?”

A month from now, we’ll look at these issues at The 2017 Canadian Telecom Summit, June 5-7 in Toronto. Have you registered yet?

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